How did your work with free software begin ? What is your current interest in this collaborative system ? What do you think of free hardware ? What do you think of the term “free culture” ?

Do you consider yourself an artist ? In some manner you work in the area of art but you seem interested in going further. What areas would you like to investigate ?

What do you think about geographical location ? It is possible to identify ourselves with a collective flow of people that interact beyond nationality and frontiers – how can we recognise ourselves ?

What’s happening in science currently ? How can science go beyond the cultural and linguistic idiosyncracies of each geographical location ? How can science go beyond the geopolitical and corporative interests of an alienating globalisation ?

What can we imagine beyond internet ? What type of practises could stimulate a better understanding of our current condition as creators of networks and networked creators ?

What is the MSST ?

What questions should MSST ask of society ?