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(13:00:07) glerm: Em Brasília 13:00hs

(13:00:36) ***glerm foi almoçar volta logo mais…

(13:03:25) dspstv: ei glerm

(13:04:10) dspstv: buen apetito

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(13:35:28) renato_ mudou seu apelido para rfabbri

(13:35:51) rfabbri: _o_o_ oOo _o_o_

(13:38:08) dspstv: ei all

(13:41:03) dspstv: we just put th stream

(13:41:19) dspstv: pusimos el stream en

(13:44:56) rfabbri: cool

(13:45:06) rfabbri: i can hear and see u

(13:46:47) rfabbri: portugues/espanhol?

(13:46:51) rfabbri: ;)

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(13:51:46) rfabbri: english

(13:51:46) rfabbri: ok

(13:51:51) rfabbri: nice

(13:51:59) rfabbri: volume is very low

(13:52:07) rfabbri: i almost cant hear u

(13:52:16) rfabbri: you

(13:52:20) rfabbri: yup

(13:52:31) rfabbri: better but still low

(13:52:41) rfabbri: i thak u too

(13:52:57) rfabbri: here all on max

(13:53:07) rfabbri: i an undestand u but its low ;)

(13:53:34) rfabbri: but i can understand

(13:53:47) rfabbri: nice to meet u

(13:53:55) rfabbri: cheers with that beer

(13:54:15) rfabbri: a toast!!!

(13:54:28) rfabbri: but i have some meetings soon

(13:55:01) rfabbri: ok

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(13:55:37) sinsat__: can you hear it now better?

(13:55:55) rfabbri: yes!!!, very low but understandable

(13:56:52) glerm: hi

(13:56:58) glerm: i came back

(13:57:00) sinsat__: ok, we work on it. at 20:00 MEZ it will be much more better :)

(13:57:06) sinsat__: hello dock18!!!

(13:57:11) sinsat__: hello alejo!!!

(13:57:11) glerm: i am listening to the stream also

(13:57:19) glerm: hola alejo

(13:57:26) sinsat__: hello big brothers!!!

(13:57:56) glerm: hello sinsat 1, 2 & 3

(13:59:24) sinsat__: is the streaming adress :-)

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(14:03:27) glerm: hello all

(14:03:52) glerm: dae rfabbri, blz?

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(14:26:56) rfabbri: eai glerm

(14:26:59) rfabbri: brb

(14:27:04) rfabbri: _o_o_ oOo _o_o_

(14:27:18) glerm: ta sintonizado?

(14:27:29) glerm: no stream?

(14:36:06) glerm:

(14:36:24) dspstv: stream should be there

(14:37:08) sinsat__: stream also at

(14:38:36) glerm: yes I was talking about that one (the web video stream)

(14:38:58) glerm: no no

(14:39:03) glerm: that’s ok

(14:39:14) glerm: we are following the charla

(14:39:25) sinsat_ [5f984b61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entrou na sala.

(14:39:53) glerm: i will stay around here at irc

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(15:07:11) silia [~quassel@] entrou na sala.

(15:09:19) silia: helou

(15:13:12) lucida_me_: testando gpredict… for a while

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(15:39:44) sinsat__: we are back

(15:39:46) sinsat mudou seu apelido para alejo

(15:44:35) sinsat__: we can here you perfect

(15:48:50) sinsat__: if you have any question for max

(15:49:24) glerm: i can see the images

(15:49:47) glerm: but the sound is not too loud

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(16:06:14) sinsat mudou seu apelido para brunov

(16:06:21) brunov: hola

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(16:08:40) glerm: ola brunov

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(16:12:27) brunov: glerm

(16:12:31) brunov: tamos aí

(16:16:24) sinsat [c91df57f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entrou na sala.

(16:19:26) dspstv: ei

(16:19:34) dspstv: como van?

(16:19:39) dspstv: lo estan siguiendo?

(16:19:45) dspstv: bruno, estas por ahi

(16:21:45) sinsat: cá estoy

(16:21:59) glerm: i am hearing and sometimes coming back to browser to see, meanwhile doing some parallel work here

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(16:26:39) sinsat___ mudou seu apelido para dusjagr

(16:33:06) brunov: thanks alejo for the recordings!

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(16:39:16) dspstv: glerm or anyone, will like to talk about msst?

(16:39:29) dspstv: in relation to brunos wokr

(16:39:32) dspstv: work

(16:39:38) dusjagr: i am just semi-listening

(16:39:50) dusjagr: but i guess its about artific

(16:39:54) dusjagr: astrology

(16:40:05) sinsat__ [5f984b61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entrou na sala.

(16:40:06) dusjagr: we are in the NanoKunstFabrik

(16:40:38) glerm: Actually the idea of “Satelitess movement” is spreading fast,

(16:40:39) dusjagr: space probes

(16:40:53) dusjagr: andy is working on astro-biology

(16:41:01) sinsat__: hehe

(16:41:02) dusjagr: 1 month

(16:41:03) brunov: cool

(16:41:05) dusjagr: not years

(16:41:41) dusjagr: sometimes we just order them… on the internet

(16:42:08) dusjagr: we built some telemanipulators this week

(16:42:21) glerm: The fist idea of the idea was sometinhing very methaphoric – questioning technocracy, mainless related to questioning the tech-artisans and poet humanists that play with it

(16:42:54) sinsat___ [d9a2a58d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entrou na sala.

(16:42:54) dspstv: tom bearden

(16:43:00) dusjagr: hei tom

(16:43:20) glerm: the first idea about msst was a manifesto, to translate this manifesto as express of a vertigo, of those paradoxes of technocracy.. the myth of “prometheus”…

(16:43:30) sinsat___: hi everyone

(16:43:55) brunov: longitudinal waves?

(16:43:59) dspstv: yes

(16:44:32) dspstv: glerm should we skype you in?

(16:44:38) dusjagr: yeah there comes the conspiracy theories

(16:44:51) dusjagr: if its written on a website…

(16:45:02) dusjagr: if its written on a website…TRUTH

(16:45:10) glerm: dsptv, my microphone is not working in this computer

(16:45:11) sinsat___: astrobiology is allready quite conspirative

(16:45:20) dusjagr: not really

(16:45:25) sinsat__: conspire me

(16:45:29) dusjagr: its just about life outside of the earth

(16:45:47) dusjagr: like panspermia

(16:45:58) dusjagr: or the fundament of future colonization of other planets

(16:46:17) glerm: I would like to show the manifesto

(16:46:23) glerm: is very simple

(16:46:29) dusjagr: manifesto?

(16:46:32) glerm: and invite people to translate to their languages

(16:46:45) dusjagr: manifesto on what?

(16:46:45) glerm: “Sateliteless manifesto”

(16:46:48) dusjagr: ahh

(16:46:50) dusjagr: saw that one

(16:47:02) dusjagr: talked just with venzha about it

(16:47:11) brunov: what are we listening now?

(16:47:57) glerm:

(16:47:57) brunov: fantastic

(16:48:00) sinsat__: signals from alejo recorded yesterday

(16:48:02) sinsat_: noize

(16:48:10) glerm: can we hear that louder?

(16:48:16) sinsat_: what language is tha

(16:48:18) sinsat_: t

(16:48:22) glerm: seems latin

(16:48:23) brunov: portuguese

(16:48:34) brunov: brazilian portuguese

(16:48:36) glerm: is brasilian portuguese no doubt

(16:48:57) glerm: “we said”: só trabalha quem não quiser, porque trabalho tem

(16:49:00) glerm: ops

(16:49:02) glerm: he said

(16:49:04) glerm: rsrsr

(16:49:04) sinsat_: this tom bearden is a wacko pseudo scientist

(16:49:22) dusjagr: yeah

(16:49:52) glerm: he said: “Just don’t work who don’t work ’cause there’s lot of job to do”…

(16:49:56) glerm: something like this

(16:50:07) glerm: ops

(16:50:08) brunov: what frequency were you guys scaning?

(16:50:17) sinsat_: cryptic wisdom

(16:50:19) glerm: “who don’t want”

(16:50:23) sinsat___ mudou seu apelido para gaudi

(16:50:52) glerm: i don’t know I think that is easy to understand portuguese for those who speak latin languages, no?

(16:51:19) gaudi mudou seu apelido para gaudisan

(16:51:29) glerm: rapaaais

(16:51:30) dusjagr: hei gaudisan…

(16:51:38) glerm: notheastern brasilian accent

(16:51:38) gaudisan: hy

(16:51:46) glerm: northeasthern

(16:51:50) sinsat_: hi glerm

(16:51:51) sinsat_: in all the noise over the webcast? no way. or my spanish is too crappy

(16:52:10) brunov: hehe

(16:52:47) glerm: this is from yesterday?

(16:54:13) sinsat_: why is this so interesting?

(16:54:31) brunov: they’re just talkign everyday things

(16:54:41) dusjagr:

(16:55:22) glerm: yeah seems like that

(16:55:30) glerm: that they use that as a “telephone”

(16:55:31) gaudisan: only with energy?

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(16:57:51) sinsat [c91313ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entrou na sala.

(16:59:30) dusjagr: saw this one

(16:59:31) dusjagr:

(16:59:42) dusjagr: terrible cheesy style

(17:01:53) gaudisan: techno hippiness? Techno-Happines?

(17:02:47) glerm: techno-hype

(17:03:15) brunov: tecno hippies

(17:03:16) brunov: me

(17:03:49) gaudisan:

(17:04:09) glerm: i hope we meet each other soon

(17:04:19) glerm: as you said in the “meatspace”

(17:04:38) glerm: ops

(17:04:46) brunov: meat space

(17:04:54) dusjagr: applause

(17:04:54) dspstv: im hungry..

(17:04:57) dusjagr: me too

(17:05:02) dusjagr: going to a castle now

(17:05:07) dspstv: ei thanks for the remote jamming

(17:05:13) dusjagr: and get some pleskavica

(17:05:29) brunov: a castle

(17:05:36) dusjagr: naaice

(17:05:46) glerm: thanks everybody responsible for the meeting

(17:06:53) dspstv: glerm we have to organize a next one

(17:07:06) glerm: we are doing it

(17:07:27) glerm: “colonizing other planets”

(17:07:47) glerm: as dusjagr said

(17:08:10) glerm: (or maybe the aliens are following this transmition also)…

(17:08:29) dspstv:

(17:08:48) glerm: applase

(17:08:50) brunov: thanks!

(17:08:52) glerm: applause is music

(17:08:57) gaudisan: applause

(17:09:10) dspstv: clap, clap :)

(17:09:22) dspstv: krc in shedhalle next week

(17:09:51) dspstv: know botic research, i just got the new book

(17:10:04) dspstv: opauqe precense

(17:10:15) dspstv: opauqe presence

(17:10:19) dspstv: argg

(17:10:25) dspstv: opaque

(17:10:38) dspstv: a manual on latent invisibilities

(17:11:00) sinsat__ saiu da sala (quit: Quit: Page closed).

(17:11:03) glerm: feedback

(17:11:19) glerm: o))))))))))))

(17:11:25) dusjagr: dont we all loooove people who write books…

(17:11:49) gaudisan: we like people who hold speaches

(17:12:01) glerm: clap clap clap

(17:12:09) sinsat_: bye

(17:12:35) glerm: ciao sinsat!

(17:12:44) sinsat_ saiu da sala (quit: Quit: Page closed).

(17:14:36) gaudisan: hacking the city…

(17:14:58) glerm: which city?

(17:15:23) gaudisan: the big ones

(17:16:17) glerm: hey the projector is off now

(17:16:33) dusjagr: hei

(17:16:39) dusjagr: tschaued mitenand

(17:16:43) dusjagr: going to the castle now

(17:16:49) gaudisan: tschüüs – nice castle

(17:17:44) glerm: see you

(17:17:51) glerm: i will be around

(17:19:13) glerm: nice to meet you all

(17:22:02) gaudisan: CU

(17:23:09) brunov saiu da sala (quit: Quit: Page closed).

(17:26:49) sinsat saiu da sala (quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds).

(17:28:15) dusjagr saiu da sala (quit: Quit: Page closed).

(17:30:54) rfabbri: whats going on now?